07 May Hustle Vs. Smart Hustle

Everyone talks about hustle. How important it is and why it’s the reason why most successful entrepreneurs are where they are.

And I agree. The first time I heard about this topic was from Gary Vaynerchuk as he’s all about the hustle. Pretty much what he says is that hard work beats talent.

Without hustle you won’t be able to achieve the big goals you have planned.

Now, I’ve been in this industry for a little more than 2 years now and something I’ve learned is that hustle is important, but hustle alone is meaningless if you don’t do it correctly.

Let me give you an example.


Think about callcenter workers. I always like to use the callcenter example as one of my nightmares has always been to end up in one of these answering calls all day.

Callcenter workers are hustlers. They hustle to pick up calls and answer questions all day. The more they speak on the phone, the more they earn!

These guys want to pick up as much calls as possible as in most call centers they are paid by the amount of time they take care of customer service. For me this type of hustle is useless, as you are not productive and distribute your energy consistently throughout the day in an activity that won’t bring you huge results.

You’re pretty much trading time for money. So again, if you think about it, these workers are hustlers.

Now, lets use Internet Marketing as an example for hustle.

Just because you’re hustling in your Internet marketing business doesn’t mean you’re on the right track. In fact! You can be as trapped as a callcenter worker when hustling on your own online business.

This was me when I just started. I thought the more I hustled, the more money I would make. At that time you would have found me stuck in my computer for almost all day without really getting much done.


A little email, a little Facebook, a little ads, then back to youtube, then saw a training video and so on…

I was doing a little bit of everything and was spreading my energy in activities that were not that lucrative. I felt tired and in some times hopeless. All my hard work was not yielding the results I expected.

It’s like when you go to the gym and instead of saying: “ok, today I’m going to work chest and shoulders” you decide to do a little bit of legs, a little arms, a little back and so on… You go through the shiny machine syndrome. I used to say, “oh, that new machine looks cool!” and I did 10 repetitions. Then went to the other new machine and did the same… No wonder why I was skinny!

I feel this is one of the biggest problems in the Internet Marketing arena. Spreading you’re energy thin throughout the day in activities that don’t really increase the numbers in your bank account.

Now I’m working WAY less than before and getting 10X the results. So let me tell you what I do now… It’s what I call

Smart Hustle.

Everyone talks about working 24/7, but is that even realistic? Can you keep this pace?

Look, I’m all about working hard and getting sh*t done… I never promote the idea of getting rich fast or the next new magic bullet that will 10X your business. BUT…

I use smart hustle.

I follow a routine pretty much every day of the week where I work in short burst and get a lot done. All of my money producing activities are done in this short burst where I have my energy “peaks”

For instance, I wake up at 7am and from 7-11am I optimize all my ads, schedule an email for my email list, create content, and do research for new or future campaigns I will launch. Pretty much all activities that will be directly related to creating money will be performed in this initial burst.


After I finish this burst I’m free to go to the gym, go swim, and pretty much do anything I want without worrying about my business.

As a full time internet marketer, this gives me freedom. Many people are doing very well online but don’t really enjoy of the time freedom they initially wanted because they don’t apply smart hustle.

Careful: You can be just as trapped in a callcenter as in your own business working from home.

If you work a 9-5 job then you can’t hustle 24/7 as much as you’d like to. You only have a limited amount of time in your day and every second needs to be used wisely.

Your short productive bursts can happen after you come from your job. No problem at all! As long as you get important things done you’re good to go.

Try to create a schedule or routine that you follow every single day. This is obviously very personal and depends from person to person.

But the concept is, work smarter and not harder. Just because you work 10 hours a day doesn’t mean you’ll get 10X the results.

Apply this and let me know how it goes 😉

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