07 May How To Rise Up From The Financial Hole

 Lately I’ve been talking to many people that are in tight financial situations and pretty much all they ask me is to help them get out of the “hole”.

We’re not talking about millions here… We’re talking about having enough money to get rid of the frustrations and start rising up.

10k in debt, with a family to take care of and an exhausting job that takes most of the time. This is just one of the cases I’ve heard in the past few weeks.

In this blog post I want to help all those people that are willing to do whatever it takes to get out of the hole and change their current circumstances as soon as possible by showing you how I did it.

You might be thinking like, “how will this 19 year old guy know anything about finances and why is he giving me lessons about like?” Well, I know I don’t have much life experience but I surely started from 0 and built something of my own in a pretty quick period of time. I believe age, just like gender and other characteristics, have nothing to do with the creation of wealth.
Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 7.44.31 AM

10516753_10152961080641151_4022524866411716760_nHonestly I’ve been very fortunate to have amazing, supportive parents that always provided with everything I needed. Though my parents are not millionaires or anything, I was blessed to have a good education and supportive family members that always believed in my crazy ideas.

I’ve never had a 9-5 job and never been “out there” fighting to have enough money at the end of the month to provide for my loved ones. And certainly I believe that I missed out on many lessons by not feeling that “pain” or frustration.

Nontheless, ever since I was young, entrepreneurship has ran through my vains and I have a crystal clear vision of what I want to do and how my future looks like.

I think this is an advantage most people my age wish they had. Yesterday I was talking to my uncle and grandpa and they both told me they wished they had my mindset when they were 19 years old.

I’ve expanded my reality so much to what’s possible that sometimes I forget how much I’ve been able to achieve in the past years. I remember feeling ashamed of myself in high school when there was a month my teachers made more money than I did. Many of my good online friends do six figures a month. We talk about it like if we we’re talking about sports or regular topics. Though I currently don’t do these amounts, I still feel it’s just in front of me. Like if I was about to get it.

Once you talk about 6 figures a month to a regular person in Costa Rica they are like “Man, wake up”.

So yes, I’m very fortunate to be one step ahead of people my age.


Don’t think I was given money to start with, the tools or the knowledge.

Like most other people in the world I started from scratch. $0 on my name and I didn’t even have a bank account as one of the requirements is to be 18 years old. Same with Paypal.

So what I want to do here is look back at the time when I first started and tell you what I did differently to start making money. How to literally start making more than 1k/month online out of nowhere.

Look I’ve figured out it comes down to one single thing.

hand and phone


Too many people overcomplicate things when it comes to making a profit online. Funnels, websites, campaigns, retargeting, systems etc… I feel the Internet Marketing industry itself is made to confuse and frustrate you. Too many “systems”, fake gurus, outdated training courses… just to say the least.

For this post I will assume you don’t have money to invest in traffic. Maybe you know it’s the way to go but at the moment you simply can’t afford to spend the few dollars you have on your name because you need them to pay the bills.

So sales, you give someone something they need and they give you money in exchange. With that money you get out of the hole. Simple enough, right?

Your only focus here should be about successfully getting the sales process done. From getting the lead, to closing the sale. It doesn’t necessary have to be by phone calling. When I first started my channel of communication was Facebook chat and it worked damn good!

To do this you have to reverse engineer the sales process.

These are the steps to make a sale:

  • Get the lead
  • Build a relationship with that lead
  • Figure out what the person is struggling with (Listen to them)
  • Successfully frame your offer and the solution to their problem
  • Close the sale

Look, I know there are way more successful guys talking about the best selling strategies. But this is exactly how by 17 years old I made almost 8k just by selling affiliate tools on my personal Facebook profile. This money helped me rise and I believe this first money will be crucial to help you get out of the frustration.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 8.00.19 AM

I used to focus on the technical aspects, the cool designs, the funnels and all those things. But one good day I said, man I’m not making a dime. All this hustle, work and cool things but not one $ (I was on the Make Money Online Niche)

Something’s wrong. I finally figured out what it was.

I was not selling! I failed at getting the sales process done.

So I went directly to the point. No more BS, I needed the money so I went after my money.

Immediately I took action and followed each step of the process.

Here’s what I did:

  • Step 1: I went to Facebook to the make money online groups (Get the lead)
  • Step 2: I searched for the group members and reached out to them by inbox (Connected with the lead)
  • Step 3: The person responded and I built a relationship with them. “Hey how are you doing? How’s business going? Oh really? Cool! What are you struggling with? Ok I understand… Let me see how I can help you.” (Build a relationship with the lead)
  • NOTE: My offer was hosting service. Each time I got someone to sign up for a hosting service I made $120. So how did I get someone to get a hosting? Well, I had to convince them they needed a blog! Once they understood and were convinced that they needed a blog, they had to buy the hosting yes or yes. Then I up-sold them to tools like Optimize Press.
  • Step 4: Showed them my blog and explained how I was using it to generate leads daily. My goal here was to teach them, give value, and at the same time make them understand that it was a MUST(Framing the offer as the solution to their problem)
  • NOTE: I strongly believe every internet marketer needs a blog to brand themselves.
  • Step 5: Become the authority. I was the go to person and the teacher in this case. You help them get their first blog up and running and get that hosting affiliate commission along the way(Close the sale)

Once I made my first sale I saw how easy it was.

I got the lead, I build a relationship with the lead, I listened to their struggles, I used my offer as the solution to their problem, I closed the sale by being the teacher and I made money.

So simple! This made me $7680 In around 4 months. Money I always dreamed of.

So that’s how I did it and how you can get out of the hole. By selling people stuff they need and by providing value.

The simpler you make it, the faster you will make money. Now, I know many people will say like “Man but that’s freaking boring and you have to message everyone and blah blah…”

You think I liked messaging people while I was in my freaking Biology classes?! Teachers got mad at me an often took my phone and locked it. It was not my hobby, but I was making 1-2 sales a day and I needed the money.


I was hustling all day to make it happen but it was well worth it. I was selling like a madman by following the process.

I have a friend that needs around $300 a month to pay the bills. Unfortunately it’s been difficult for him to get traction and get out of the “rat race” to put it this way…

All I could think as soon as he told me that was, “Man you only need 3 hosting sales a month to pay your bills.” Changing a big part of your life is as simple as following the simple sales process I did.

Sounds too easy to be true, and it’s a strange way of making money. But it gets the job done, it can get anyone out of a debt hole or financial problem if done correctly.

I’m not saying it’s the only way of making money when starting out. There are TONS of way to do it! You can sell websites, do consulting, generate leads or whatever you are good at.

No matter what it is you’re doing, just follow the sales process and you will make money.

Hope you learn a lesson from this post and I strongly believe that no matter where you live, how you look like, or how many shitty things you have gone through, you can make it happen by hustling and getting creative.

You are meant to do great things, go get what you deserve.



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